Digging out of Debt-RH CUSD #10

1. Everyone who works for Unit 10 takes a 3% pay cut for the next year. Yes, this is awful, but so is having no job at all. No job is secure anymore, people everywhere are taking pay cuts or losing their job entirely. My dad is unemployed after working for 25 years for a fortune 20 company. I’m sure he would’ve much rather preferred a small pay cut than losing his job completely. If something isn’t done the whole school system will be shut down anyway and there will be no jobs. Everyone also always has the opportunity to look for work elsewhere, no one is being forced to be employed with Red Hill. If pay cuts aren’t an option, no one should be getting a raise at the very least.

2.  Bring in a financial advisor, apparently someone needs to get involved who knows a thing or two about finances and whose career is based on how to manage money. Red Hill is on the “watch” list for financial reviews for 2013.http://www.isbe.net/sfms/p/designation.pdf  Scroll on down to page 55 of this document to find Red Hill. This document is compiled in descending order of financial health. That is scary. “Watch” is the lowest possible ranking you can get. Lawrenceville is on the recognition list. What are they doing that Red Hill isn’t? Is it more than just receiving money from donors? Maybe we need to drink their Kool-Aid or consider *gasp* consolidation. If there isn’t enough money, there isn’t enough money, no matter how many cutbacks you make.

3. No more busing kids to extracurricular activities. They are called extracurricular activities for a reason. I don’t agree with getting rid of everything but I do think that if you want your child to be involved in an activity that requires transportation it should be your responsibility to get them there.


I’m In Luv with A…..Cab Driver?

So for anyone who knows me, it’s not exactly a secret that I’m not someone who goes “out” 24/7 or even once a month sometimes. But last night one of my friends/co-workers said that she wanted to go on an adventure, and somehow I was the one who really got that experience in the end.

The night started out going to downtown Indianapolis with me and 3 friends (my first time since I’ve lived up here) and eating/startingtheboozefest at Mass Ave. I think I had 1 fuzzy navel, 2 sex on the beaches, andddd a pineapple upside down cake shot. All was well. After wrapping it up there…..

I went to my first gay bay ever, and it was a blast. Add one kool-aid shot and some drink the bartender hooked me up with.

Exhibit A

After that, we decided we would head to Broad Ripple to check out some other bars. We ended up at a club and danced for an hour or so.

Exhibit B

Add one vodka+cranberry for a grand total of 5 mixed drinks and 2 shots. Around 1:40am this old lady was exhausted after working all day, so I decided I would get a cab home.

Found a cab, got in, told him where to take me, and we’re off. I told the cab driver my whole recent life history as usual. He offered me gum and I all remember asking was if my breath smelled that bad. He laughed and said no, who knows what the truth was. We got to my apartment after almost taking out multiple orange construction barrels, screeching to a stop in a round-a-bout and backing up, and other typical cab ride adventures.

Exhibit C

As soon as I started to get out of the cab after paying him I realized that my purse with my keys was still in my friends vehicle. After this somehow I ended up getting hugged by him, don’t ask how this happened because I still don’t know. Maybe it was because of the generous tip I gave him, especially after almost ending my life multiple times with his driving. So I proceeded to go into the community part of my apartment building and attempt to contact my friends.

No luck right away so I decided I would call a locksmith. Called the locksmith, waited an hour for them to get to my apartment. He comes down the stairs, looks at my apartment lock and wants to know what kind it is. I knew that was bad news. He gets on his phone and starts speaking in Hebrew to his friend I’m assuming about how he can get into my apartment. He gets off of the phone and informs me that it will be $150 if he is able to get into my apartment if he doesn’t have to drill into the door/lock. If he has to drill it could be over $200. At this point I asked if he could get into my back sliding door. So me and my new locksmith friend then go down a hill and around the back of my apartment. He looked at my sliding door as Brodi is standing there looking at me, like WTF did you do. He then informed there was no lock so no way to get in that way. I said okay then I guess go ahead and do what you have to do to get in front door.

He started to get his tools and a then a miracle happens and my friend texted me and said they were on their way back with my purse/keys/life. So I paid the locksmith $20 for a service fee and sent him on his way.

Exhibit D

After he left I then went and laid down by my front door for another thirty minutes or so until my friend pulled up. I’ve never been so happy to see my purse in my life.

Exhibit E

Call Girl

Working in a call center has been an interesting experience. There is a huge misconception that people who work in call centers are unintelligent, and I like to think of myself as Exhibit A when disputing that myth. When I graduated in August with a degree in Finance I never pictured myself with this job or anything like it. Every day is different and almost every call is unique. However, there are a few types of calls that repeat pretty often.

My Favorite 5 Routine Calls

1. Can I speak with John? Sure, let me look in the directory. There are 500 John’s employed with the company. Should I just play eeny meeny miney mo?

2. So you mean I’m going to have to pay my deductible when it’s the OTHER PERSON’S FAULT?!?!! Because it makes no sense that an insurance company wouldn’t want to pay for the whole amount of damages to your vehicle when it wasn’t your fault? If it wasn’t your fault what makes your think it’s your insurance company’s responsibility to pay for someone else’s screw up? FYI, file through the at fault party’s insurance. No deductible and no stupid questions.

3. Guys having difficulty admitting that they got “rear ended”. I’ve heard about every phrase to avoid using that term.

4. People who refer to the insurance company as “you people”. “You people are screwing me over.”

5. People who are “injured” after their parked car got tapped by another car. Okay, so your car has a scuff mark on it but your neck and back hurt. I’ll jot that down.

My favorite phrase, even when I haven’t really helped at all.

If I Were A Boy

Let’s start by rewinding the clock about 23 years and stating the fact that according to doctors I was going to be a boy. Apparently ultrasound then wasn’t that accurate, and my parents got the best surprise of their life: me. I’m the baby of the family and the only girl (Although sometimes I wonder), which automatically makes me a princess and I like it that way.

My life would be a lot different had I been a boy, and while trying to pee in a cup today (medical purposes) I thought of several benefits of being of a dude….

1. What I already touched on: peeing in a cup. You don’t understand the skill required to do this as a girl. Guys have it easier, you can actually see what you’re working with. As a girl it’s like playing Russian roulette and praying you managed to get at least some in the cup.

2. You’re stronger (usually). The frustration of trying to open a jar of spaghetti sauce for 15 minutes is exhausting.

3. You automatically make more money for the same job and qualifications because you have a penis. Check the statistics, it’s insane. As someone who’s all about the Benjamin’s, I call bs.

4. You don’t have to push a human being out of “your little friend”. Best believe that if I’m ever crazy enough to get knocked up, my significant other will be laying in a hospital bed beside me undergoing the labor pain simulation. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it. It’s a must watch. Get some popcorn and enjoy.

5. You aren’t expected to enjoy making/be good at crafts and baking or “girl jobs” in general. I want a free pass too. Wrapping Christmas gifts makes me want to strangle myself with the strands of lights and if I want chocolate covered pretzels I’ll drive my dove-white-a$$ over to Wal-Mart and buy some. Until I reincarnate as Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart I’ll be staying away from a springform pan and a glue gun.

All the Single…… & Married Ladies.

The whole debate about being single in your early twenties vs. being married in your early twenties continues on. The debate is essentially between two groups: girls who aren’t married in their early twenties and girls that are or will be.

While I myself can’t see it, partially because:
#1 There is no guy in my life, so since I’m almost 23 and being married within the next two years is a huge not-gonna-happen.
#2 Honestly, I’m too selfish at this point in my life.

I’ll admit to the fact that there have been times I have thought, what is the matter with these girls? Are they CRAZY?!?!!!?!?!? When you think about it from the other point of view though, I can understand why if you truly feel like you’re with the person you’re meant to be with, why wait? Plus, you save a lot on taxes. It seems like young love can last just as long as someone who waits until they are the “proper marrying age” anyway.

It just seems like no matter what you do, it’s never the right way. The girls who get married younger are stupid for doing so and the ones who aren’t married by the time they’re 30 are seen as having a one way ticket to being a crazy cat lady (Dog lady in my potential case).

I think it’s time all of the ladies just relax and act like guys do. Do you think they give a flying F$&# whether or not someone is getting married? Do you think they care if they’re 35 and still out prowling the town for a lady like it’s their job? No, because in people’s opinion if they are single it’s because they want to be (unless they’re extremely weird) and if they’re married it’s because they want to be.

Let’s just be happy for each other, jealousy isn’t cute on anyone. #GIRLPOWER

P.S. You’re lying if you’re a single girl and you say you aren’t interested in a relationship of some sort, or you’re an alien. Those are your two options.

14 Things in 2014


1. Begin the career path to my future corner office. (If you’re laughing reading this part I know who you are.) It’s cheesy but when I put a business suit on it’s like instant power, pretty much how Superman feels when he puts on his cape. I want to change the statistics and have women REPRESENT in the high-powered, business world positions.

2. Go places I wouldn’t normally go, i.e. anywhere that doesn’t involve shopping. Museums, new restaurants, just become a more “cultured” person in general.

3. Start the process of earning my MBA. While in college for my Bachelor’s I couldn’t wait for it to be over in a lot of ways but once I graduated I don’t feel like my education is complete. Plus, I have to outdo everyone in my family, and that means earning a Master’s.

4. Make some new friends. People who have similar interests to me and that like to blast Trey Songz in the car as much as I do.

5. Judge other people less for their choices. Not everyone can be Mother Teresa like I am. I just need to accept that and move on.

6. Do volunteer work for an organization that means something to me.

7. Read legitimate books that I won’t be embarrassed to tell people I read. While I think reading in general is a good thing, I need to diversify from fifty shades.

8. Put money in a savings account and not spend every dime I have.

9. Eliminate the people from my life that aren’t worth being there. True friends are supportive, talk more about you to your face than behind your back, and don’t play petty games. I’m 22 not 12 and I’m done with the dramaaaaa.

10. Go see Britney Spears in Las Vegas.

11. Invest a little money in the stock market and become the next Warren Buffett.

12. Get one of my pieces of writing published on a website other than my own blog site.

13. Get Brodi in some form of obedience classes. He just needs to take it down a couple notches on the barking like a rabies infected dog around people he doesn’t know.

14. And the one everyone has been waiting for……Find a sugar daddy. I got bills that need to be paid, ya feel me? Actually I would settle for someone that:
#1. Had an awesome sense of humor
#2. Has no children (no baby mama drama please)
#3. Makes more than I do, for his own ego and for me to be able to go buy the essential things I need
#4. Above average intelligence with superior spelling skills
#5. Loves my dog
#6. If they could look into a mirror without it breaking that would be great too

Christmas as an Adult

You no longer believe in Santa, so that means you can be as naughty as you want to.

You can unwrap your gifts whenever you want to because you’re too old to be punished.

You don’t have to use the various spy methods you once did: looking in your parent’s closet when they leave or unwrapping just a little bit of your gift to see what it is and then rewrapping it to conceal the evidence. (You’re lying if you haven’t done this.)

Getting practical things like socks, underwear, even a blender, actually makes you happy not mad.

You understand the fact that most of the Santa’s hired for Christmas aren’t exactly laps you want to be sitting on.

Your parent’s expect better gifts from you than a “handmade ornament.”

Elves become creepy, not cute.

Having an “adult beverage” or twelve is almost a necessity to make it through the holiday season.

You worry about the fact that you spent way too much money and cry yourself to sleep when the credit card bill comes.

You sleep like a log Christmas Eve night and don’t wake up at 3am begging your parents to let you unwrap your gifts.

Christmas card family photos can become really awkward, really fast.

Those ugly Christmas sweaters your mom forced you to wear for your school Christmas program will come in handy. This time you will be wearing them to a party with lots of booze.